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"Some truths can save us, some take our lives… matter what category you fit into, truth’s got its sight set on you. If truth is north, then I am true south. I can’t figure it out. God knows. Always looking up till my eyes give up. That’s how I lost touch of who I am and who I was."-Sleeping At Last.

This guy could write and sing about a cardboard box and still make me emotional. Beautiful.


The Sickness Unto Death //Typhoon

now i’ve only got one organ left and this old bag of bones it is failing me
i try to tell people that i’m dying only they don’t believe me
they say we’re all dying, that we’re all dying
but if you are dying, why aren’t you scared?
why aren’t you scared 
like i’m scared?

Strikes an emotional chord in me. Chills

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